Microclimates™ Folding

Folding Instructions

Clamshell: Folding a MicroClimate™

Important! Always fold with the creases on the inside.

  1. Fold spine crease A completely flat and then unfold. Repeat for B.
  2. Grasp box at C and D.
    Fold end walls in; bend end tabs in.
    Fold tabs over and insert into slots.
  3. Rotate box and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Fold tabs E and F.

For thinner boxes, assembly is basically the same, but a little more preparation is required. Start with Step 1, but also prefold end walls flat as well as the double crease at each end of the box. The double crease may also require pressure to be applied along the edge.

Narrow Four Flap:

Prefolding of all creases may be necessary to ensure proper shape of the box. It is important that the two small tabs are folded outside the first fold and inside the last fold. The small tabs should not come in contact with the book.

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