Online Order Form

  1. Measure the books.

  2. We prefer the measurements to be in millimeters, and have found that it is easier to measure this way. We can accept inches as long as you use decimal inches, not fractional. Please supply Height of the spine (Head of book to Tail), Width (Page width of the cover) and Thickness (spine depth).
  3. In order of preference:

    1. please attach a spreadsheet file to an email and send or

    2. please attach a Word document with information in table form to an email and send or

    3. please include the dimension information in the body of an email and send. A preferred format is listed below.

  4. We will add the handling ($6.00/shipping box) and shipping cost to the invoice. Boxes will be shipped UPS unless otherwise requested.

Last name:
City: State/Province:
Zip/Postal Code: Country:
Telephone: Fax:

Label Information: Provide Call# or Title only if you want labels supplied

Spine Page Spine
Item # Call # and/or Title .............................. Vertical Horizontal Height Width Depth


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