Electronic Measuring Device




CMi OrderBuilder Software

The easiest way to place your large box orders.

ProMeasureUSB is the latest refinement in the archival storage box system.

The ProMeasureUSB electronic measuring device records the book measurements into CMi OrderBuilder for you.

When you connect ProMeasureUSB's USB cable to your computer, physical measuring errors and errors that may occur when copying and transcribing information are no longer a factor. Measurements are recorded electronically by the ProMeasureUSB measuring tool and entered directly into the CMi OrderBuilder software program.

Using ProMeasureUSB to enter accurate measurements into CMi OrderBuilder software program is very simple.

To record a measurement, in the CMi OrderBuilder software program:

1. Click or tab into the field that records the measurement to be captured. 

2. Place the item to be measured as shown above onto the measuring surface between the fixed wall and the slider wall.  When the sliding wall comes to rest, the measurement will show in the field.   

3. Tab or click in the next measurement field.  Its that simple.

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